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In this dynamic world of technology,there is a high rate of emerging products and services into the world market, In-turn,Regulatory bodies internationaly have developed National regulations and policies that focus on Radio Frequency Interference free enviroment,Public and Enviromental Safety, Protecting consumers' interest and creating a levelled market enviroment for industry players.

As well,Equipment Manufacturers,Distributors,Retailers and Telecommunication Services Providers have to Comform to these technical and Safety Regulations before they enter products and Services to their desired markets.

In this regard,We are proffessionally positioned to handle your needs For Equipment Type Approval, Certifications, Homologation and Regulatory Compliance and Comformity Services. We offer Type approval Solutions to our clients who would like to get comformity and compliance certifications for their Radio equipments in South Sudan and the entire Africa.
1. Modular Type Approval.

What we do

SBE TELECOM COMPLAINCE Was founded to enable Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers acquire Type Approval Certifications and Regulatory compliance certificates that indicate their equipments' comformity to the minimum Technical and Safety requirements before they reach their desired markets.

With our experienced and proffessional team, we work around the clock and navigate through regulatory processes and proceedure to make sure your Equipments are Certified for Comformity and Compliance before you introduce them into your desired Market. we currently focus our strength in providing services to Manufacturers,distributors and Retailers of telecommunication equipments,Low Power devices,Short Range Devices All Radio frequency Devices, information technology equipments and All wired and wirelless equipments manufactureres and distributors. we locally handle;
1. Equipment Type approval and Certifications.
2. Document Preparation and Handling.
3. Regulatory compliance.

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Radio Equipment Type approval and certification is the most important basic procedure set out by most regulators before these equiments are accepted into most markets.
With our proffessional team,we consider your requirements a priority.
We therefore deploy the best and cost effective stratagies to attain approvals and certifications of your Equipments and products at the shortest lead time possible.
From Our Experience Most Countries and Regulators Provide Approval and Certification for the following Type Of Equipments.

Module Type Approval

A radio module that has an oscillator Antenna,a self contained transmitter,lacks input signal and power supply and is designed to be incoporated into another equipment is considered an independent device and therefore requires Full Module type approval. whereas, Systems or Equipments where the Module is within a single enclosure with a combination of Radio antenna,input signal, electronic power supply and other internal connections will undergo system Approvals.

Please contact our team for all Module Type Approvals and certification.

Wireless Equipment Type Approvals

All equipments that have a Radio transmiters such as BUT NOT limited to Gsm devices,Cdma devices,Mobile handsets,Wireless Local Area Network(LAN) Devices, wide Area Nerwork(WAN) devices, all WIFI Devices(with b,g,a and n radios) Wireless Access Devices,Wimax Devices,Wireless Broadband Devices,RFID devices, Contactless Card readers,Bluetooth devices and a whole range of other Wireless Equipments that contain an RF transmitter.

Wireless Network equipments that are used as interfaces to enable communication are type Approved.These include Telecommunication terminal devices.

In addition,Telecommunication and I.T equipments that have EMC and Radiation Effects that can have either long term or short term harmful effects to the public or enviroment are type approved before thay are entered for consumption into the most markets.

Please Contact our team for All Wirelless Radio Equipement Type approvals.


Type approval Document requirements vary from one country to another. We consult with the Regulators and share the list of reuired type approval documents with your team a head of time to make use of the limited lead time. you will need to provide or disclose test report to support your application, this includes but limited to RF,EMC, SAFETY and Other reports that may be required based on that country's condidtions.Those test reports can be obtained from accredited facility. We receive,organise,prepare,submit and navigate our proffessional ways untill your equipments get approved and certified. We sign a non-disclosure agrements with your team to ensure high level confidentaility of your documents before and after type approval and certification of of your equipment.

Regulatory Compliance support

Every country regulates Radio Equipments based on its National Regulations,Regional And international Regulations. Type approval of Radio equipment is one of the basic compliance obligations set out by Regulators to provide conformity to Manufactures,Distributors,wholesales and Retailers of Radio Equipments. We provide regulatory support and information that you may need to get your equipment to the markets in the shortest possible.

Please contact us for more information and inquiries.

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